Allow a transaction to have 'uncategorized' category

There are some times when I don’t know how to categorize something as soon as I enter it, but I know that later I will (perhaps need to discuss with wife). I see that if you enter it as a split, you can have uncategorized splits, so you have to split it, put the dollar amount into uncategorized in the split, and then save.... Would be much easier to just allow uncategorized transactions.

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Suggested 10 May by user Bruce

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  • 10 May Bruce suggested this task

  • 19 May Juan Olvera approved this task

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    I just realized that technically, you can have uncategorized, but if you tab out of category field, it automatically sets it to a split, and from there, I don’t know of how you can get back to “uncategorized”. Tabbing out of category with no other keystrokes should remain uncategorized.

    19 May
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    You can also use a miscellaneous category as a place holder for now. But we can set it to leave uncategorized as the default if it isn’t changed.

    24 May
  • 24 May Arek Wenta edited this task