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Emails from Changemap have a high score in Bayesian spam analysis

This is a bad thing, and was reported by a MoodleNet tester:


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Suggested 04 March 2019 by user Doug Belshaw

Moved into Known issues 22 March 2019

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  • 04 March 2019 Doug Belshaw suggested this task

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    From that report it looks what actually flagged the email as spam is that the from address is blacklisted. The Bayes score isn’t great, but not enough to have it flagged (only 0.8 out of 4.5 required).

    Do you have suggestions on what to change about the email content to lower the score? I’m guessing this is because it’s a short message with a link.

    04 March 2019
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    I don’t have suggestions, I’m afraid :(

    07 March 2019
  • 22 March 2019 Josh Sharp moved this task into Known issues