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Todoist Tasks by Project

Showing the breakdown of which days I work on which projects could be an interesting way to look at productivity. Specifically it would be interesting to see how project needs change over time in this way.

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Suggested 04 January 2017 by user Alex

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    This isn’t possible at the moment because we need to know what data to expect so we can generate insights, correlations, and other analysis. This is the same reason we can’t support manually tracking anything you want—we need to know what the data is ahead of time for it to work with Exist.

    04 January 2017
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    It’s also not available via the API — the numbers Todoist exposes to us are across all projects, not specific.

    05 January 2017
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    For needing to know the data type, even just knowing the number of tasks completed per project could be interesting. Then you’d already know the input types for processing (essentially the same as Exist currently handles it, just slightly more granular). Insights could still look like the current format “You tend to complete more or [project name] when you listen to music” and so on.

    Makes sense that the API doesn’t allow it. I had been using IFTTT to export my task logs as a .csv previously with “Project” being one of the labels so it did allow me to look at correlations on a project basis, but did not realize the API was limited there.

    05 January 2017