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Android version

We started with iOS only just because this app started as an experiment and I’m more comfortable moving quickly on iOS. Android support is planned once the initial version of the iOS app is complete.

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Created 26 June 2020 by Belle Cooper

Moved into In progress 01 September 2020

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  • 26 June 2020 Belle Cooper created this task

  • 01 September 2020 Belle Cooper moved this task into In progress

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    This sounds incredible!

    04 September 2020
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    I am also a +1 for the android app. So far, the app works well on iOS

    04 September 2020
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    Make sure there are widgets to use to quickly tick a habit!

    31 December 2020
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    +1 for the android app, actually, I discover because I was looking at the feature of the habit tracker. so I really waiting for this app.

    06 August 2021
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    Yes, please! So excited for this!

    28 September 2021