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Promote through social constructivism

Promote the use of Moodlenet through the lens of social constructivism so people see it as a professional platform and don’t default to “it’s another Facebook.”

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Suggested 18 July 2018 by user SPED Moodle

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    That’s good

    07 September 2018
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    Just revisiting this before we launch the pilot this month. What would that look like in practice? What would you expect to see as a user?

    09 January 2019
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    I guess the original user might have been looking for the thing that makes it “for educators” rather than just a generic tool. I don’t think “social constructivism” is quite the phrase here (since it explains what is happening in every social network) but I do agree that we force the system to make it more targeted to educators.

    29 January 2019
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    But, to play devil’s advocate, if you want it to be really successful you want to become the “facebook/pinterest” for educators…

    31 January 2019
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    Excelent Idea. The constructivism help a lot to cooperate between teachers and students. Very useful

    31 January 2019
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    I’m all for this idea, and would like to see specific examples of things we could do to enable it :)

    31 January 2019
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    In the moment the tool is more social bookmarking than anything else. Some features: - add own graphics - add own documents - create assignments - create quizzes - collaborative writing of texts (i.e. defiing the learnig jobs and working on the text style can be done collaborative)

    27 February 2019
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    I could imagine the “social constructionism” taking place at the level of communities, and this is where moodleNet could be different from something like

    The function of editing and curating the collections should be done by people who are committed to creating and propagating a point of view or style. (And this should be spelled out in detail in the overview of the community.)

    But the initial stages of creating a team of collaborators and negotiating a collective stance are hard to get through if people approach the task as they would in a completely individualised environment like the present big social networks. I think this is one of the reasons that Facebook Twitter etc are so boring. To quote [Lovink] (

    Networks are not merely arenas of competition among rival social forces. This is a far too idealized point of view. If only. What fails here is the “staging” element. Platforms are not stages; they bring together and synthesize (multimedia) data, yes, but what is lacking here is the (curatorial) element of human labor. That’s why there is no media in social media. The platforms operate because of their software, automated procedures, algorithms, and filters, not because of their large staff of editors and designers. Their lack of employees is what makes current debates in terms of racism, anti-Semitism, and jihadism so timely, as social media platforms are currently forced by politicians to employ editors who will have to do the all-too-human monitoring work (filtering out ancient ideologies that refuse to disappear).

    In my corner of teaching it’s not “isms” that need to be filtered out, but rather stultifying teaching methods and de-natured classroom interactions - so I’d like to be part of a community that was completely ideologically opposed to those.

    28 February 2019
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    05 February 2020