*Copy resources to another collection

Copy a resource from one collection to another (within a particular community).


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Suggested 05 February 2019 by user ZeroWasteFVG

Moved into Planned 11 February 2019

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    Could you provide a bit more information here, please? Do you mean move from one to another, duplicate from one to another, or ‘fork’ (with history)?

    05 February 2019
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    Voting up on basis that, having found a resource in one collection I would like to add it to another–copy not move. Question of whether it’s better to create new instance or copy by reference would take some investigating.

    07 February 2019
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    We’ve talked about this as a team and think that it’s better to fork and show which collection it came from.

    We could potentially do this ad infinitum and even have a visual approach, as my good friend Bryan Mathers does with his remixer tools:

    07 February 2019
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    Maybe I don’t really understand what’s the concept behind a “resource”: if I make a mistake or I want to re-organise the resource I should be able to “move” (cut and paste) a resource in a different collection…or it doesn’t make sense in this context?

    07 February 2019
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    I think users want to know the history of the collection, so we need to figure out a way to make that obvious!

    08 February 2019
  • 11 February 2019
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    From Ralf H:

    I’m opening a community and a collection for a topic at school. I’ve in background that I need it for class level 8. I’m planning to use it for a competency on a low level. Someone else wants to use the collection for an other competency level for the same topic. Some parts of the collection may be helpfull otheres are may be inappropriate and should be replaced. It may make sense to fork the collection. I.e. a wikipedia article in science area often is written on academic level. For a university course it may make sense. but for class 8 its not appropriate. Other elements like visualizations, video can be used in both areas.

    04 March 2019