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Choice of adding to an existing collection or creating a new collection

I get the impression that some users who really want to share one link to one resource are creating a new “collection”, and then pasting their one link into the description. So you get collections containing zero resources. Maybe there should be a workflow where users are asked to consider whether there is an already existing collection that would be a suitable home for their link…

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Suggested 07 February 2019 by user John Kuti

Moved into Need more info 07 February 2019

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    Interesting. I think that there’s a few things to consider here.

    First, during testing it’s a bit of a free-for-all. I can imagine users settling into a few communities after a while. Those communities would nudge users towards adding resources to particular collections.

    Second, tagging can help with this. That’s on the roadmap.

    Third, I think we can do some kind of analysis of whether a link or resource (via the MD5 hash) already exists.


    07 February 2019
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    I’m starting to imagine the sense of this now: I think it’s important for users to have a concept of the collection as being quite small - with maximum ten resource links in it. That point,(max=10) should probably be presented to users quite up-front when explaining the approach of the site - ideally people might discuss a collection with the level of granularity that they would for a single lesson plan? eg. what’s the main learning objective, what’s the ideal order to present the resources, how does it fit into the week’s topic..etc…

    13 February 2019
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    Yes, we don’t want to be prescriptive but it might be worth allowing people to know about the 10 resource limit upfront!

    14 February 2019