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Community language filter/flag

Would be great if people can choose which are the main languages of a community, so in the future would be easier to filter communities by the spoken language! :) A flag could also appear near the community name.

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Suggested 19 February 2019 by user ZeroWasteFVG

Moved into Need more info 21 February 2019

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    Thanks! Nice suggestion. Although we’d have to steer clear of flags to represent languages (people really don’t like that!) it’s a good idea to make it obvious which language a community speaks.

    I think we can cover this through taxonomic tagging, which we’re planning to be:

    1. Language
    2. Grade level
    3. Subject area

    You’ll be able to tag profiles, communities, and collections - so could search for communities in Italian, for example.

    Does that cover this use case? Or were you looking for something different? :)

    21 February 2019
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    You’re right :) seems a good path! ^_^

    21 February 2019
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    This suggestion included the ability to filter by language which I think is extremely important.

    28 February 2019
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    I really like the idea. Also, taxonomic tagging seems to be a very useful tool to find / store resources.

    13 March 2019