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In community overview I can see the number of users and collections. In the community overview I see tabs for collections and discussions. In a collection I see “Collections (1/10)” The meaning of (1/10) is not clear. I would like to see the number of Threads/Posts in the headline for the discussions. I went several times to the discussion tab but there were no discussions.

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Suggested 27 February 2019 by user Ralf Hilgenstock

Moved into Need more info 27 February 2019

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    Thanks Ralf, I think we need a bit more detail about exactly what you’d like to see here (and perhaps some votes from other community members?)

    Just to say that “Collections (1/10)” refers to the fact that you can add a maximum of ten resources to any one collection.

    27 February 2019
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    Interesting. Why is there a limit to ten ressources per collection? Who can delete an entry in a collection?

    During my first walk through I was keen to see if there are discussions. I saw the tab to open discussions but mostly I did’t found any entries. Then I saw the information that for ressources I saw a numbering of how many entries are added. This brought me to the idea that it may be senseful to show how many topics and posts are in a discussion. When I open a collection the discussion tab could show “Discussion (3/17)” what means there are 3 threads and 17 posts. The same could make sense in Community tab Collection shows how many collection are there and Discussion tab how many community related threads and posts are here.

    27 February 2019
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    I’d like to see if there are Discussions as well. Currently, the Discussion tab doesn’t indicate if there are any Discussions or not. One must click on the Discussion tab to reveal. The Discussion tab could include a number after the word Discussion to indicate the number of Discussion items present.

    28 February 2019