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How to separate the good from the bad? We all learnt from Amazon & Co to deal with ratings and comments. The enormous Moodle community could do a great job by leaving ratings and comments about their opinions. To make it more profound there could be various criteria offered like scientific quality, pedagogical quality, media quality, text quality, …

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Suggested 08 March 2019 by user Frank Koch

Moved into Out of scope 11 March 2019

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    Hi Frank, we’ve discussed this at great length internally. I have to say, I’m unconvinced by arguments for ‘rigour’ and ‘quality’ (and have written about this elsewhere)

    Amazon ratings are a complete mess due to astroturfing and, because context is so important in education, I can’t see how a simple ‘quality’ mark would be of use here.

    Instead, we’ve decided to pursue a simple ‘Like’ approach. So, as detailed in the issue below, we’re planning to allow users to ‘like’ resources which then serves as an indication as to whether that resource should stay in the collection. As collections can only contain 10 resources this should hopefully keep the focus on quality.


    Summary: ‘quality’ is in the eye of the beholder, and depends massively on context.

    11 March 2019