Get started

Now you have some things to do to get your map ready for your users:

  1. Customise your map - use the “manage” button on your map’s home page to edit its profile, then you can select “lists” from the sidebar menu to customise your lists to your liking.
  2. Invite your team mates - use the “manage” button to get to your map management page, then select your team name from the sidebar menu and choose “members” to manage who’s in the team.
  3. Add tasks - Fill your map with some tasks to get you started! Team members can use the “plus” icon buttons to quickly create a task in any list.
  4. Tell your users - link to your map within your app and from supporting material like your website, support pages, etc. You can’t engage your users until you bring them here :)

Your map’s URL:

Any questions? Use the “support” link from your user profile menu to ask for help. That’s what we’re here for.

Don’t forget to delete this task when you’re ready to share your map with the world.

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Created 15 February 2022 by Edwin Lee