Improve Logging experience for users

The logged in page for users shows a tab across for each integration and the ability to see 21 days of history. Exist Integrations holds onto more data but there is no way for the user to see or search through it.

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Suggested 16 July 2021 by user Ryan Malesevich

Moved into Completed 29 September 2021

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    This is in progress.

    I’ve decided to set up the home page to be a dashboard similar to how Exist displays their data. Each attribute will show the aggregated totals in a column chart. The chart will show the last 30 days of data. There is a way to change the reference date to see historical data loaded.

    What is being worked on is how the level of details are shown. The easiest answer will be to link to a different page with the level of details. Another option would be to dynamically show the data, but I’m leaning towards the static page.

    With this change in progress I also updated the initial data load for new services to pull 31 days of history rather than 14 days.

    04 September 2021
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    Current status:

    This is inching closer to completion. There are 2 outstanding things that are needed before releasing:

    1. Fix the display of the charts on phone or smaller browsers
    2. Create the log page for individual dates/attributes so users can drill into the details of the aggregated total
    14 September 2021
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    The initial implementation of this is completed and I’ll be tweaking it over the next week or two.

    I did discuss it with screenshots on my blog.

    16 September 2021
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    I have released what I’m calling Home v2 to all Exist Integrations users. If you have suggestions on how to improve it please enter a Suggestion into changemap!

    29 September 2021
  • 29 September 2021 Ryan Malesevich moved this task into Completed