Track article and minutes read through Instapaper

These fields exist in the API, and are currently integrate-able with Pocket.

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Suggested 16 August 2021 by user Aaron

Moved into Rejected 07 January

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  • 16 August 2021 Aaron suggested this task

  • 26 August 2021 Ryan Malesevich approved this task

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    Thanks for the suggestion Aaron! I’ll take a look at the API in the next few days and will comment on how feasible it will be to add to Exist Integrations.

    26 August 2021
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    I’m still waiting for the API key from Instapaper. I think we could get the number of articles read but I’m not seeing an Exist attribute for minutes read. The Pocket integration links to articles read and words read. That’ll be my target when I’m able to get access to the API.

    01 September 2021
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    Ah, I didn’t actually deeply check the exist api before I logged this one. I had assumed time read was there, since the other “time spent doing x” attributes exist.

    Exciting to see this coming!

    03 September 2021
  • 22 January 2022 Ryan Malesevich edited this task

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    Instapaper uses OAuth 1 to secure their API. This is quite different from OAuth 2 and I haven’t figured out a way to get Exist Integrations to work with Instapaper yet. I’m not giving up yet.

    26 February 2022
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    Unfortunately with the timing that I have to allocate to this project, I’m not going to be able to get an OAuth 1 wrapper integrated into Exist Integrations v2. I’m sadly going to have to abandon this suggestion until Instapaper updates to OAuth 2.

    07 January
  • 07 January Ryan Malesevich moved this task into Completed

  • 07 January Ryan Malesevich moved this task into Rejected