Trakt TV Minutes are doubled for past days

Noticed some days are showing doubled TV Minutes that are sent to Exist.

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Created 03 September 2021 by Ryan Malesevich

Moved into Completed 03 September 2021

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  • 03 September 2021 Ryan Malesevich created this task

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    The Trakt URL for the OAuth connected message wasn’t checking if Trakt was already assigned to your user. It would mistakenly create a second user record so when the TV Minutes were calculated it would match with 2 different records and double the data.

    The resource properly checks if you are already connected to Trakt so if you mistakenly go to it nothing will happen.

    Data has been corrected and now all attributes look correct.

    03 September 2021
  • 03 September 2021 Ryan Malesevich moved this task into Completed