Take advantage of Exist Api v2 (Exist Integrations v2)

This is a major change to Exist Integrations. With the launch of the Exist Api v2, custom attributes are now able to be created. In addition to the custom attributes, it supports incremental updates.

The version of Exist Integrations was written without the quick ability to take advantage of these enhancements. In addition, I overestimated how much data I’d want to keep on my servers to support the integrations. Ultimately, no one wants to analyze their data on the Exist Integrations site. That is what Exist is for.

I am rewriting the backend of Exist Integrations. It will require everyone to re-register their integrations as the tokens will be different. However, it will bring the following enhancements:

  • Support additional attributes from the supported integrations (split TV and Movie time in Trakt, Money spent and Money earned from YNAB, Clicks and Download/Upload from WhatPulse)
  • Less data will be stored on my servers with more clear cleanup of that data (only stored temporarily)

Development is going quite slow because, but it’s progressing.

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Created 07 January 2023 by Ryan Malesevich

Moved into Completed 22 January 2023