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Single sign-on

Ability to authenticate users based on their account in your app, so they’re automatically logged in to your map with the same user details. Handy later on, but not yet.

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Created 21 February 2018 by Josh Sharp

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  • 21 February 2018 Josh Sharp created this task

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    In pitching Changemap at my company, this was the biggest sticking point. We felt that asking our customers to sign up for something else to vote on features was a pretty high barrier to entry. The ability for them to sign in with the account they already have with us would be a huge, huge plus.

    19 October 2018
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    FWIW, one of the reasons I implemented sign in via email is so it doesn’t feel like another account. I also have social sign in via Google account, but disabled (not feeling great about Google at the moment). Would social sign in also tick the box for you to lower the barrier?

    20 October 2018
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    As in, I am happy to add back “Sign in with Google”, perhaps as something that can be enabled on a per-team basis, if people prefer that option.

    20 October 2018