"Follow" changemaps

I’d like to be able to follow changemaps for products I’m interested in, like Exist and Changemap. This is “as a user” not “as a developer”. How I’d image it is under “My Name” in the top left, I’d be able to see followed/starred Changemaps.

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Suggested 24 October 2018 by user Matt Bond

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  • 24 October 2018 Matt Bond suggested this task

  • 25 October 2018 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    I see this as being related to regular map update emails for users.

    25 October 2018
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    I agree! The way I’d like to see them work is kind of like youtube’s “subscription->bell” model. I want to be able follow a changemap so I can find it easily from within, and optionally also be able to subscribe to email updates. (I don’t want “follow” to automatically get me email updates for whole boards, that sounds a bit overwhelming)

    26 October 2018
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    Sure, makes sense to make it like a YouTube subscription within the site, with optional email notifications. Good call.

    26 October 2018