Manual addition of external/offline votes to tasks

If you’re bringing tasks over from another service, or you collect votes outside Changemap (or even offline), this would give you the ability to manually increment a task’s vote count by the number of external votes.

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Created 26 October 2018 by Josh Sharp

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    For various reasons email will be where the majority of my feedback comes from even if I was using changemap full time. And I wouldn’t want to change that because email is zero barrier and I can give a personal response. Almost all my good reviews come from people who have contacted me on email.

    As such, until I can store those interactions into changemap, it isn’t a viable system for my business.

    Which is a shame because I REALLY want a system like this!

    03 November 2018
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    No worries, doesn’t sound like the best fit then. Although, if you still wanted users to be able to track your public progress, you could set voting and commenting off everywhere, and just maintain the roadmap part here yourself without any public user interaction. Depends how important that aspect is, I guess.

    03 November 2018