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One of the coolest parts of the K5M project for me has been the idea that an invested group of people will provide good advice/knowledge out of self-interest.

This is usually done by votes, which require Mike to generate a question, decide it is vote-worthy, and spend time writing it up.

I’m curious what would happen if Mike’s media consumption, for example, was tracked and shared by last.fm/trakt/letterboxd… There’s nothing to vote on, but the decision of what to watch or listen to next (“what is the best use of my media consumption time”) could be influenced by shareholders (“you liked that movie? check out this one, I bet you’ll like it because ____”).

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Suggested 19 October 2018 by user Beau Gunderson

Moved into "Mikey Likes It" 07 December 2018

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    I love this idea.

    I once tried to give control of my Netflix to the shareholders, but it was cumbersome and not that satisfying.

    Again, this is something that weejee could help with as I could propose a list of movies.

    19 October 2018