Explore brand sponsorships

Explore brand sponsorships

-Original Post- After doing some reading I have seen that a lot of people ask about why the gender ratio is important. I feel it should be expressed to be important as the same reason K5M is important in the first place, to understand the effects of capitalism. Capitalism only works when a person (or group) has interest in a product, but capitalism is best when it is a product you need. This is a tried and true monopoly. technically greater than any other, even if it doesn’t make as much money.

So why doesn’t the brand try itself as a monopoly, rather than something “silly”? I feel the direction with Instagram is the perfect first step. I’m not saying to sell out but why not look into brand sponsoring? By sponsoring others, you also sponsor yourself. Get yourself known in a diverse world rather than the niche market of marketers. KMikey shouldn’t only be a brand but a celebrity.

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