Implement a Question Portfolio

Many of your questions can benefit from having a question portfolio where the question is broken down into the following:

objective: essentially what you create now (why you are asking and your supporting information). Your questions should also have a timeline (i.e., be vegetarian for 6 months, take piano lessons for 1 year)

Voting: how stakeholders have voted - shows three columns (Yes, No, Abstain [i.e., not voted]) and how long the voting is open for.

Reports: this is new. This would be your quarterly/timely updates that would report on the progress of the project/question. You would identify the reporting interval on this page as well.

Conclusion: this is new. What is the final outcome - your final assessment of the experience after the project is complete (i.e., will you keep doing it, etc).

Implementing this would provide more opportunities for interaction that I see missing in many of the questions posted.

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Suggested 15 November 2018 by user Carlos del Castillo

Moved into Completed 25 April 2020