Offers Expire After 45 Days

Based on a shareholder vote which was approved.

As part of updating KmikeyM we propose that all offers eventually expire.

As the expiration date approaches you’ll get an email alert and the chance to create a new competitive offer. We expect this will inspire more offers being made, and that will result in more liquidity in the market.

Update: The potential bigger shift here is that you’ll get email alerts about your offers.

Note: We now have approval voting so you can vote for multiple options.

Should buy and sell offers expire, and if so, how long should they last?

65% approval for 45 Days


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Created 01 August 2023 by Mike Merrill

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  • 01 August 2023 Mike Merrill created this task

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    Could order expiry be user defined with the 45 day as a preset default? on both stock and crypto platforms that I have used they tend to have a no expiry option, a date/time limited option (coinbase up to a day, Qtrade allows me to sate a date and time for expiry), and instant or cancel.

    01 February