[iOS] Add an iPad app

I started building this purely as an iPhone app so that I could use Apple Health for storing Mindful Minutes. There are no analytics in the app to see how many people are using that feature, though.

  • With local storage in place, creating an iPad app would work, but it wouldn’t be able to update Apple Health on your iPhone, and there’s no Wind Down integration.
  • With iCloud syncing in place, updating Apple Health could happen on the iPhone.


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Created 03 March by Angelo Stavrow

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    I don’t care about logging mindful minutes from an iPad app, I just want to be able to type with my iPad keyboard.

    15 March
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    That’s good to know, thanks for the feedback! Are there any other features you think would be especially useful for the iPad app?

    16 March
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    (Sorry for the delay.) I wouldn’t mind a timer. I sometimes use a technique called JournalSpeak which starts with 20 minutes of this kind of writing. Currently I use a text editor on the iPad and a timer on my phone.

    13 April
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    That’s an interesting idea! Want to add this as a new suggestion?

    16 April