[iOS] VoiceOver fixes

Lots of great feedback from Rob at Mobile A11y — fix these voiceover issues in the next release.

  • Focus on heading when Settings sheet is presented.
  • Headings should have heading accessibility trait.
  • Fix accessibility label for the — or — text in Settings sheet.
  • Group “Learn More” label and “Visit the Website” button as one element.
  • Email, Rate, and Twitter buttons are grouped, but button labels are not read by VoiceOver.
  • Group colour scheme heading and control together for accessibility.
  • Remove redundant state in accessibility labels for toggles.
  • When releasing a thought, VoiceOver focus goes immediately to “release another thought” button before it appears on screen.
  • Add speech accessibility labels to “release this”/”release another” button so that VoiceControl works as expected.

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Tagged as Accessibility

Created 03 March 2021 by Angelo Stavrow

Moved into Completed 14 July 2021