Automatic Categories

Currently every software has to be linked to a category manually. This surely can be automated. E.g. pycharm.exe should always be in the category “softwaredevelopment”, winword.exe in “writing”.

This feature could be turned off in the settings for users that want more control. AI could be used, to enhance the accuracy.

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Suggested 23 February by user Tobi W

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  • 23 February Tobi W suggested this task

  • 23 February Josh Sharp approved this task

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    Essentially this would mean shipping a big whitelist of known apps and sites with Foreground.

    The downside would be that everything automatically categorised would get a category, but a neutral productivity rating, so it might be harder for users to notice that they need to rate something. I’m not sure if I’d rate anything automatically as writing may be core or related productivity depending on your work, youtube may be used for watching tutorials, and so on.

    23 February