Filter bookmarks within a folder

I’ve found I often want to do a search within a specific folder (for instance, searching for a particular GitHub project/type of project, I only want to see results from my GitHub-synced folder). Curious to know how many other people would find this useful.

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Created 09 October 2016 by Belle Cooper

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  • 09 October 2016 Belle Cooper created this task

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    Here are some other examples from my personal use:

    • I have a folder where I save articles I’ve written for various blogs/sites, and I have a different folder where I save research materials for these articles and potential future use. Sometimes I want to find a particular article I wrote about a topic, but searching for it gives me all the related research material to sort through, as well.

    • I have a folder for shopping where I save things I might want to buy, with tags like “clothes” and “shoes” and “cycling”. But sometimes I want to search for research material for an article I’m writing about cycling or clothes, and the search results contain all my shopping links as well.

    09 October 2016