A public folder, or some way to publish folders publicly

My thinking is that you could mark a folder as public and this would ‘publish’ a nicely formatted list of your bookmarks to a separate publicly available URL.

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Created 02 March 2016 by Josh Sharp

Moved into Completed 13 September 2016

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  • 02 March 2016 Josh Sharp created this task

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    I could probably add a public RSS feed for the folder at the same time, would anyone find that useful?

    21 April 2016
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    @joshsharp I wouldn’t mind that. If someone I knew had a public folder of links I found interesting, RSS would be a really handy way of keeping up with additions to it.

    22 April 2016
  • 19 May 2016
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    Is anyone that voted for this planning on using it?

    22 May 2016
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    I’ve set mine up to add, via RSS feed, to my blogs (1 folder per blog/purpose), rather than manually maintain a list of favorite links on each site.

    01 June 2016
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    @hugodahl oh cool! glad I added RSS then.

    02 June 2016
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    As am I! Checked to see if you had view source (missed the RSS logo the first time around) and was again awed and impressed with your awesomeness!

    02 June 2016
  • 13 September 2016 Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed