Make search keywords check tags as well as title, description, url

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Created 22 May 2016 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Completed 28 May 2016

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  • 22 May 2016 Belle Cooper created this task

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    I tend to do two searches most of the timeā€”for instance “exercise” and “#exercise”, because I don’t trust myself to have tagged everything in my Larder, especially all my imported links. I would like it if I could just search for “exercise” and it would search for tags with “exercise” in their name as well as the link’s title, url, and description.

    22 May 2016
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    Yeah that makes sense.

    22 May 2016
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    Done, searching a term also includes the results for a matching tag, eg. searching “python” includes anything tagged #python that would otherwise not have been found.

    23 May 2016
  • 28 May 2016 Belle Cooper moved this task into Completed