Remove tracking codes from URLs

It would be nice to remove things like the utm_ query parameters from google analytics from links. (also the google search chrome id and whatever else other social services use)

This has caused me to have duplicate links in the past as well as privacy concerns.

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Suggested 30 June 2017 by user Lehman Black

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  • 30 June 2017 Lehman Black created this task

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    Good idea! That should be pretty easy to do when the bookmark is created.

    01 July 2017
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    I think this should not be done automatically. For some bookmarks URL parameters might be needed. Would be good to have a “Remove URL parameters” button in reach.

    But for me removing these manually is also absolutely fine. My workflow currently is:

    1) Remove URL parameters 2) Add Bookmark to bookmarking tool

    09 June 2020