Browser extension/bookmarklet: Recognize if site already bookmarked

Right now there’s no indication in the extension that a site is already bookmarked. If you re-bookmark a page, its description gets overwritten. It would be nice to know this information already exists before accidentally overwriting it.

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Suggested 05 July 2017 by user Dustin Baldwin

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  • 05 July 2017 Dustin Baldwin created this task

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    For speed we don’t bother querying whether it exists first, but happy to add this in if it’s a tradeoff everyone’s willing to make.

    06 July 2017
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    Could this happen async once the page has loaded and indicate on the extension icon?

    23 October 2018
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    This is pretty annoying, especially how it deletes your descriptions without warning with no way to recover. If speed is the trade off, I like the async suggestion above. You could process after upload and move into a “Duplicates” folder or something?

    31 December 2018
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    Oh wow deleting the old info when re bookmarked is def not good. Didn’t realize this

    27 January 2022