Browser extension: Search interface or shortcut

It would be very nice to have the option of a shortcut to search for information in Larder. I’d be okay with said search taking you through the web interface, but if it did it without leaving the current page that would be a big bonus.

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Suggested 05 July 2017 by user Dustin Baldwin

Moved into Completed 26 July 2017

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  • 05 July 2017 Dustin Baldwin created this task

  • 21 July 2017 Josh Sharp moved this task into Planned

  • 26 July 2017 Josh Sharp moved this task into Completed

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    You can toggle the extension with the current shortcut combo (Ctrl+Shift+L or another combo, depending on browser and OS) and then switch to the search interface with Alt+(or Cmd+, depending on browser) and search without needing to touch your mouse. New tabs open in the background so you can open multiple results without dismissing the popup. Enjoy!

    26 July 2017