Add a menu option in extension to "Go to Larder"

In Chrome Pocket extension, if I right click the extension icon, it has an option to “Open Pocket”. Better to have this feature, so I can quickly go to Larder page.

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Suggested 30 November 2017 by user Xiang Zhang

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  • 01 December 2017 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    This looks like the suggestion that I just posted on 12/16/17. Thx to Xiang Zhang for this, and my post can be ignored.

    16 December 2017
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    I would love to have a keyboard shortcut for this, too, if possible. I used to keep a pinned tab open for Larder, but I stopped doing that since we got the search feature inside the browser extension. For those times when I want to browse a folder, rather than searching, it’d be nice to be able to quickly open Larder this way.

    27 February 2018