Ability to pin searches to sidebar along with folders

I’ve noticed that there are certain searches I perform regularly, for example checking the release status of my GitHub repos tagged #rust #web. Rather than typing them each time, it’d be nice to “save” the search to the sidebar somewhere so I can treat it like a folder. You could do this with individual tags, combos of tags, or even a regular search.

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Created 03 February 2018 by Josh Sharp

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  • 03 February 2018 Josh Sharp created this task

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    This is a good idea! Would it make sense to combine my previous request for recently saved bookmarks into this, so they’re like a default saved search for everyone maybe?

    03 February 2018
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    Yeah, I think that could just be a type of pinned search too.

    04 February 2018
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    A pinned search feature would be super helpful. In general I think the concept of folders and tags clash a bit. I think folders are obsolete and tags could be used instead.

    09 June 2020