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Would like to have some kind of status indicator for bookmarks that require further action. Could be read/unread, or done/not done. A lot of items are bookmarked because they need to be processed, and it would be good to have some indicator whether bookmarks have been processed. (A further development of this idea would be to set a default status on a folder by folder basis.)

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Suggested 24 April 2020 by user Luhmann

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  • 24 April 2020 Luhmann suggested this task

  • 24 April 2020 Josh Sharp approved this task

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    Upon reflection, couldn’t you use folders or tags to accomplish this? For example, have an “inbox” or “unread” folder, then move a bookmark elsewhere when it is processed? This is probably less clunky than adding and removing a tag.

    24 April 2020
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    I would like to use folders to group things into projects. If I were to adopt this approach my home and work links would all be in the same status folder and I’d have to filter them by tag, which is not really ideal.

    Also, a status indicator is useful because it is basically a check box, involving one-click interaction, while changing folders involves going into edit mode, selecting a new folder, and saving.

    Finally, I’ll just say that for me saving links is never the final step, but usually the first part in a process towards a goal, whether that goal is to do research, shopping, or fix a problem, etc. having status indicators makes such workflows much easier, especially if you can filter your results by status.

    25 April 2020
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    Given you can have nested folders, you could still have sub-folders for items that aren’t processed yet. But I understand wanting an alternative :)

    25 April 2020
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