Siri Shortcuts gave me this idea.

Siri Shortcuts integration would allow users to obtain data such as: locations visited, distance traveled, date last visited (for specific place[s]), etc.

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Suggested 08 May 2019 by user John Barker

Moved into Planned 04 September 2019

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  • 08 May 2019 John Barker suggested this task

  • 08 May 2019 Matt Greenfield approved this task

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    I’ve only just today found my first use for Siri Shortcuts. My Dyson air purifier’s app has been updated, so that I can use voice commands with it.

    I’ve added “Set to work mode” and “Set to normal mode”, because when I’m at my desk working, I like to have the fan pointed at me directly.

    So… until now Siri Shortcuts have been meaningless, but now I have found one vaguely useful purpose for them. But I’m still not yet clearly imagining some uses for them for Arc.

    Do you have any specific voice commands in mind that you would want to make use of with Arc?

    11 May 2019
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    Exposing data to Shortcuts could also potentially work as a solution for the “POST current location” feature request.

    10 June 2019
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    Use it to tell Arc to record a new location (as discussed before)

    04 July 2019
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    @Wim: I would rather have a manual way to trigger a new location within Arc before thinking about Siri shortcuts for this ;-)

    07 August 2019
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    +1 for triggering a new location

    02 September 2019
  • 04 September 2019 Matt Greenfield moved this task into Planned

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    Ideas for shortcuts:

    Open arc and jump to specific date/time in arc‘s timeline (Would allow jumping into arc‘s corresponding timeline from the photo roll, for example)

    Create timeline note for specific timestamp Would allow predefined text/ or even /answer templates in shortcuts that could be written into arc.

    05 January 2020