Handle Foursquare checkins as place confirms in Arc

When I’m traveling and visiting POIs, I often use Swarm App to quickly check in at Foursquare. I specifically don’t use Arc in this context because it takes time to load and process the timeline before I can select the current place, press the checkin button…and boom, I’m down a couple % of battery at least.

It would be nice if Arc would consider my Foursquare checkins that I didn’t initiate from Arc (matching by timestamp) and would auto-confirm these places.

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Suggested 23 May 2019 by user moritz

Moved into Completed 03 September 2019

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  • 23 May 2019 moritz suggested this task

  • 24 May 2019 Matt Greenfield approved this task

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    Yeah this is on my wants list too.

    I almost started on it, a while back, but realised it would take longer than a few hours, so I’d better focus on higher priority stuff first.

    But it’s definitely something I want to see happen. Gets my vote!

    24 May 2019
  • 15 August 2019 Matt Greenfield moved this task into Planned

  • 03 September 2019 Matt Greenfield moved this task into Completed

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    Yes please! Would love this feature or ability to force a location check in

    21 September 2019