Consider historic activity types when choosing activity type

I’m often getting segments labelled with ‘car’ when I’ve not been in a car for some weeks previously. Similarly, I get ‘cycling’ when I’ve not cycled in the few months I’ve been using the app.

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Suggested 27 August 2019 by user Geoff Soper

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  • 27 August 2019 Geoff Soper suggested this task

  • 28 August 2019 Matt Greenfield moved this task into Completed

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    This is already taken into account in the activity type classifiers and models 😉

    28 August 2019
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    In that case, why does it keep suggesting cycling when I’ve never cycled since using Arc (and I have changed any activity labelled as cycling to the correct activity)?

    28 August 2019
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    If you travel to a new area that Arc hasn’t seen before, then it won’t know your common activities for that area.

    The activity type models are broken up into 10 kilometre square regions. So Arc will know a lot about the region around your home, and the regions that you commonly travel through and spend time in each day. But if you travel into a region that you don’t commonly visit, or haven’t been to before, Arc won’t have any information about your habits and common modes of transport in that area.

    For those unfamiliar areas Arc will rely instead on the shared activity type models for the region, which come from everyone else’s corrections and confirmations.

    If you are seeing a common trip classified as cycling as the best match, and you have never cycled in that area, then please contact me through the “Feedback & Support” button in the app, so that we can work through the problem and find out that’s going wrong!

    Thanks 😄

    29 August 2019