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MacOS version

Although a cross-platform build is theoretically possible, I’m not sure I want to support a platform I don’t use often. I would look into it if there was a lot of demand.

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Created 04 April 2023 by Josh Sharp

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  • 04 April 2023 Josh Sharp created this task

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    As a person in the opposite camp (I use both but MacOS far more), this would prevent me from switching from RescueTime. Mixing and matching time trackers seems like a nightmare.

    17 May 2023
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    Would it be possible to use Exist to aggregate Foreground activity data across multiple devices?

    To replace RescueTime, I’d like to see Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux support.

    31 May 2023
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    Unfortunately it wouldn’t work that way.

    05 June 2023