Zapier integration

I see this as a way of both automatically adding bookmarks, based on external triggers, and automatically triggering external services based on adding bookmarks to particular folders. This has a lot of overlap with webhooks, except less DIY.

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Created 15 March 2016 by Josh Sharp

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  • 15 March 2016 Josh Sharp created this task

  • 09 October 2016 Josh Sharp moved this task into Suggestions

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    I would prefer that Larder allow users to pick which archival service is used. My personal preference is Pocket, but considering the audience of larder is development savvy/technical, i’m pretty sure we all have slightly different and equally strong opinions about how things should be done, so if you don;’t want to support Pocket and Read it Later and every other archive service, just give us Zapier and we’ll build our own :).

    Perhaps just zapier integration would be most efficient :)



    13 June 2019