Engage users and manage new features from suggestion to changelog.

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Tasks, lists, categories, and maps

Manage your project's roadmap as tasks that belong to lists that represent their status, like "Planned" or "In Progress". Tasks that make it into "Completed" become part of your recent changelog. Each task belongs to a custom category, represented by an emoji, to help distinguish between work like "Design", "New feature" and "Bug".

User interaction

Allow user suggestions, votes, and comments. User suggestions wait in a pending state until you edit, approve, or decline them. Tasks can be ordered based on vote count, so you can keep track of what's most popular. Voting and commenting can be enabled or disabled for each list, letting you control how you engage users.

Email updates

We'll send daily updates to your team on task and comment activity. Users with any task subscriptions receive email updates when their tasks change, or if there's new discussion.


Dashboard and activity

Everyone visting your map can use the "Activity" page to see recent task updates and discussion. Users can track activity on tasks they're subscribed to under "Your activity". Team members get a "Dashboard" with an overview of everything — showing map statistics, pending suggestions, and recent activity across the map.

Free plan

Use Changemap for free, forever, if you don't require our paid features. The free plan provides a single map, a single team member, and limited customisation. Check the pricing page for a full breakdown.

Team management

Teams can make as many maps as they need for their projects, and large teams can take advantage of member roles, restricting access to administrative areas for moderators.

Import from Trello

Trello's great, but it's not a great fit for a public roadmap. When you create a new map, you're able to import your lists and tasks from Trello to get you started.

Slack integration and browser notifications

Get customisable real-time notifications on tasks and comments so you can keep on top of user activity.

Javascript widget

Easily embed a list of tasks into another site, with customisable styling. Perfect for showing your top suggestions or your recent changelog.

Passwordless login

Maps are public and can be browsed by anyone without logging in. Users need an account to make suggestions, vote, and comment, but don't need to remember a password — we only require an email address, and we'll send a login link.

API access

Automate your roadmap or integrate your internal tools. Changemap supports "bot" accounts that can read, write, and manage your roadmap via the API.