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Price per month (USD) Free $19/map
Maps 1 No limit
Team members People with permission to manage your map. 1 5
User suggestions, votes, and comments Always unlimited.
Custom map lists Basic maps are limited to a fixed set of lists with fixed permissions.
Custom task categories Basic maps are limited to a fixed set of categories.
API access Use our read/write API to automate task management or integrate your own tools.
Slack integration Get notifications of new suggestions and comments.
Team member permission levels Additional 'moderator' role where team members cannot alter or delete maps and team members.
Changelog widget (Example) Easily embed top suggestions or the latest completed tasks in your site.
Support Email support for your team members. Limited Standard

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Use a single starter map for free forever on the basic plan. Add more maps, team members, and features on the paid plan for $19 per map per month.