Multi-currency Planning

Allow accounts and events to be specified in a different currency than the global currency setting. Integrate a conversion API (perhaps to help support this.

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Created 29 November 2021 by Kyle

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  • 29 November 2021 Kyle created this task

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    This would be an amazing add on for all us dual citizen USA / UK (or other nationalities) where the complexity of planning due to accounts in different nations/currencies and varying exchange rates makes forecasting out incredibly difficult to model.

    28 February 2022
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    I would also make use of this, especially with planned moves abroad where we need to plan about purchasing properties in various cities. For us in particular, this means USA, Korea, Canada.

    23 April 2022
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    +100 for this request. This is absolutely critical in Canada not to mention Latin American countries.

    24 June 2022
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    this would of be great if it could help me understand the impact of poor/great exchange rates

    29 July 2022
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    This would be great for expatriates working in a particular country but who might retire back in their home country with assets and investments in both nations. Tracking such investments would be much easier.

    16 April
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    Essential feature, please please please

    25 May
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    Please! This is the type of planning that gets tricky without software and would be a welcome feature.

    23 June
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    This feature would enable consolidation and better action for fluctuations, and hopefully will lead to more features for mixed-country planning. (I have a feeling many people in the FIRE communities would make great use of such features). Thank you for taking on the challenge!

    15 July