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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle B. Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 31 October 2016

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    Jean-Philippe Souillier

    When I read or save on pocket, it mean I’m saving or reading about stuff wich are part of my goals in life. Sure it must have an influence on my mood, my activities, the quality of my sleep, etc. Sure it would be interesting.

    21 August 2017
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    Richard Walshe

    Interested in combining and correlating the tag feature of pocket on articles along with timestamp metadata of when tagged.

    17 January
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    Soul Arus

    You can similar to this with Instapaper, IFTTT and ToDoIst. I set IFTTT to create new entry in a ToDoIst project everytime I archive an article on Instapaper. Each evening I look at this Todoist project and it shows exactly how many articles I archived that day (my target is 10 per day). Bulk swiping all the entries not only clears the list, but also adds 10 new completed ToDoIst tasks for the day (which I track in Exist).

    03 April