Tracking money spent per day.

It looks like Mint no longer has an official API and the unofficial API requires your username and password. I’m looking into whether the Intuit API (Mint’s parent company) provides Mint data or not.

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle B. Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 06 November 2016

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    Few other things affect my day to day like my finances

    22 June 2016
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    but not just mint but also mint bills

    06 November 2016
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    what would the attributes be? cash in / cash out per day?

    27 January 2017
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    Even just daily spending during the week would be nice to get an overall picture. Do I blow more money on lunch when the weather sucks, or when I’m more productive at work, or that sort of thing.

    28 January 2017
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    Great comments, and great suggestion. Some kind of budget daily values, or cash-in/out, etc. Basically the first comment. Finances are something that effects our lives daily.

    29 January 2017
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    We have a ‘money spent’ attribute already waiting for a finance integration, so that’d probably be the first thing we hooked up. This would track spending on a daily level.

    30 January 2017
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    I’m keen to know if there’s been any progress or consideration on this one. It seems to be the most voted for integration.

    14 September 2017
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    We haven’t been thinking about integrations for a while as we had custom tags, then the survey to do, and have already planned a Facebook integration and a redesign for the site that will take some time. After all that we’ll look at integrations again I expect!

    15 September 2017
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    Other finance apps could work instead like Monefy, or Money Manager Ex

    14 December 2017
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    Neither Monefy nor Money Manager Ex appear to have a public API, so there’s no way we could integrate with either of those, unfortunately.

    14 December 2017