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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle B. Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 06 November 2016

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    Ashleigh Dawson

    Would seriously love this :)

    27 July 2016
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    Ben Hancock

    Would love to see tracking for things like how many lessons, in which languages, and what levels achieved. Thanks!

    22 January
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    Bernie J Mitchell

    The Duolingo thing would be ace! Out of my 6 big goals that I am tracking this is the one I am failing at the most.

    02 April
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    Okay Nhombre

    Would be interesting in a "learning" part of tracking.

    07 April
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    Halsted Bernard

    I would love this, even if it were just a "met Duolingo XP goal for the day" sort of tracking.