Tracking number of notes saved per day.

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 06 November 2016

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    I’m not sure what you could integrate here but seeing as I’m an evernote consultant I feel as if I should give this a vote :-)

    31 March 2016
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    I can use something like tracking notes additions in particular notebook

    29 June 2016
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    Evernote and OneNote

    07 August 2016
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    Similar tracking functionality as Mohiomap would be helpful

    08 December 2016
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    Definitely tracking note additions in specific notebooks, and/or in general, could be a useful statistic, and Evernote is tied very closely with almost all aspects of my life so it seems like a good fit.

    31 May 2017
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    I think this would be number of notes created, and number of notes updated. If this number is combined with emails processed, and my review, and mostly with time of day, then it could be very useful

    06 December 2017
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    Number of notes saved

    08 January 2018
  • avatar notes saved or modified and tracked in which category…

    Agree with Mayeur, OneNote and evernote.

    10 June 2018
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    It woujld be so helpful to see which notebooks were added to, frequency of specific used notes and notepads

    18 September 2018
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    I everyday use Evernote for collecting memo

    05 July