Tracks TV shows and films/movies watched, and time spent watching them

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle B. Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 31 October 2016

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    Shane Watson

    I was looking for a service like this over the weekend. Thank you for posting this, Belle! :)

    09 October 2017
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    Halsted Bernard

    I’m tracking the things I watch with custom tracking right now, but this integration would allow me to track time watched vs. whether I watched something or not. I think this looks useful.

    02 March
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    Yuxiao Wang

    Any update on this?

    15 May
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    Josh Sharp

    Whenever anything changes status, we’ll make it clear by moving it into the appropriate list. As long as you’re subscribed, you’ll be notified about the change.

    15 May