Toggl time tracking

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 18 October 2016

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    Would love to see correlations like, “… when you track more time on {insert Toggl project here}”.

    We use Toggl at work for time tracking, and RescueTime isn’t quite able to track project-specific time like that.

    14 July 2017
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    I would love this. I track my life 24hrs/day with Toggl, so this would give me a wealth of info.

    30 July 2017
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    I would absolutely love this

    08 August 2017
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    More information than rescue time!

    15 August 2017
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    Surprised this isn’t already a thing.

    13 November 2017
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    I use Toggl for work projects and this could be useful.

    14 November 2017
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    Toggl is super useful, data from here to Exist will make it easier with one goto dashboard

    07 December 2017
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    I’d love to see a correlations like “you log more hours on toggl when you (wake up earlier / have less meetings / eat more food / who knows!) :)

    17 January 2018
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    Toggl is very useful, and my goto for tracking my time. Any plans to implement this? Have a good amount of upvotes as well

    14 February 2018
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    Not planned yet, but yes, pretty popular now! I think when we next do some productivity integrations this one will be on the shortlist to consider.

    15 February 2018
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    Omg this would be amazing. It’s my goto for tracking time, especially since most of my productive time is spent away from the computer so rescuetime isn’t that great for that metric for me.

    15 March 2018
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    I’ve been using tags in Toggle to categorize my time spent across projects, such as “billable”, “maintenance” or “progress”. I’d love to be able to see aggregations based on those tags in Exist!

    16 March 2018
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    so I ended up writing an integration to set custom tags for my toggl projects. It’s been super great!

    12 April 2018
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    I use Toggl to track all the time that I focus on studying/reading. It’s the only way I really log how much I exactly study. Toggl integration would be fantastic! RescueTime doesn’t really track that accurately enough

    19 May 2018
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    Toggl is very useful I always use this app

    27 May 2018
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    Yes, this would be great!!

    29 June 2018
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    I use toggl for everything and would love to see stats

    21 September 2018
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    Absolute must :p

    19 November 2018
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    It would be useful to see correlations between, for example, mood and time spent on certain projects or activities.

    15 December 2018