Some sort of “tasks completed” tracking like the already-complete Todoist integration.

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Created 19 December 2015 by Belle Cooper

Moved into Suggestions 06 November 2016

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    If it could track the number of cards added each day to a specific list, this would work. I have a system of moving cards to a “Master Done List” to track my tasks completed.

    04 September 2017
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    Trello is fantastic and has a ton of other integrations (via Zapier and built-in).

    04 December 2017
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    I write my books using Trello so seeing how many new or updated cards each day would be informative as a measure of progress.

    10 June 2018
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    @Brad Warner – Slightly off topic, but I’m curious to hear more about how you use this to measure productivity. Does each card represent a paragraph? Do you use tags to help differentiate higher contributing/value cards versus lower?

    10 June 2018