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  • 19 December 2015 Belle Cooper created this task

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    HabitRPG is now Habitica!

    24 December 2015
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    I’d love to see how long term I maintain my dailies and habits and how that affects my mood.

    04 May 2016
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    Since dailies, habits and Todos are already differentiated in Habitica it would be perfect for tracking all three of them

    08 September 2016
  • 03 November 2016 Belle Cooper moved this task into Suggestions

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    It would be perfect to see how habits such as making daily plans correlate with productivity, or how often I connect with family members affect my mood. Please add this! This would make EXIST a for sure winner over gyroscope!

    17 May 2017
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    I think it could work with Habits. I’d see that how many percentage I did yesterday. When do I do more Habits (% too), when less?

    18 September 2017
  • 26 November 2017 Josh Sharp edited this task

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    It’s moderately popular, but there are still things higher on the list we’d add first. So the update is basically that it’s not a priority yet :)

    I haven’t looked into how feasible it is to turn habits into tags, but I’m still assuming at this stage that it’d be possible.

    02 January 2018
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    Can’t believe that habit tracking has been in the suggestion box since 2015 and still hasn’t made it up to the list of priorities. It seems like a basic for the kind of aggregation exist gives. I see some other habit tracking apps are not possible; just from a feasibility perspective is habitica even a possibility? if so how do we re-raise it in the queue? Does Exist to any crawling of the manual user stories that people are posting in suggestions to see if there are commonalities? for example - i have just posted on several different similar suggestions that relate to the same - so the demand is spread across multiple suggestions to the votes will be diluted - I commented on custom tagging and goal tracking - threads which are another way of tracking habits - is there any chance of consolidating these similar features and seeing if the collective demand is there to bump things up? i would think that seeing habits against weather, mood, nutrition, fitness would be a key value proposition.

    25 March 2018
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    Our annual survey is really helpful for the kind of consolidation you’re talking about. We tend to ask about a small number of broad categories in terms of new features, directions, and integrations for Exist, so we can get an idea of the most popular broad use cases for Exist. Habit tracking has definitely come up there, though tracking goals has had a lot less interest, so we wouldn’t count them as being the same thing.

    Although it might seem simple, Habitica is not simple for us to integrate due to the way Exist is built. Because Exist is designed to offer analysis of your data to help you uncover patterns in your data, we need to know in advance what that data is. That means we can’t integrate with data that is user-defined, such as habits or tasks. At least, not with the way Exist is built right now. It may be something we could do in future, which is why we haven’t said it’s not possible, but it would require big changes to Exist first, and that’s not something we want to focus on right now.

    Our current priority is on helping users uncover patterns and insights into their data over long-term periods, and this consistently fits with what the majority of our users want to get out of Exist when we gather feedback.

    25 March 2018
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    I use both Habitica and Exist and have used Exist tags as a work around. So, basically each Daily in Habitica has a corresponding tag (some of my examples: ‘exercise’, ‘no snooze’, ‘clean home’ etc). The only annoying part is that you have to redundantly enter the information into both Habitica and Exist everyday. Not that much extra time if you have the mobile app for both.

    27 March 2018
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    I wrote a personal integration for this and it requires a lot more set-up than Exist integrations usually use, but essentially I got around the issue of “how do we track productivity from custom tasks” by providing a UI in the integration itself to mark which tasks, habits and to-dos count as productive. For default values, I had habits not count, while dailies and todos did.

    I think it might be possible to integrate it directly into Exist in a similar way, but I also suspect it would require reworking a lot of the existing data management mechanisms and UI, making it a relatively massive undertaking.

    10 February 2022
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    Now that manual tracking is implemented it seems like this should be way more doable.

    I could imagine two ways of implementing it: 1. Anytime a new habit is created, create a new attribute (probably namespaced by prefixing it with “habitica_” or something). And create the attribute with the accompanying type. Then basically on sync, update the corresponding attributes 2. Have the user create attributes corresponding to the habits they want to sync from habitica. So like if it’s “brushed my teeth” the user could name the habit “brushed-my-teeth” and then if the user wants to sync it, they’d create a corresponding attribute in Exist called “habitica-brushed-my-teeth”. So basically the integration could involve pulling all of the logs from the habits that the user has from Habitica, and then basically iterating through the exist manual attributes, finding which habits have a corresponding attribute, and then updating those attributes

    I’m sure this is pretty different than your other integrations, so I’m sure it’s not trivial, but I assume it would not involve changing the core exist paradigm. It just would be a more involved integration

    Of course, I’m speculating here, I don’t exactly know how it works under the hood.

    And also, this is not to say that, just because it’s possible, therefore, you have to do it. But I think a lot of people, myself included, would enjoy a habit tracking option.

    17 December 2022